About InWorldz

Welcome at the Guide2InWorldz webpage. Step by step, this guide will help you make your first foray into the virtual world of InWorldz. Stepping into this virtual world is not just like starting up a video game: if you have never explored a Virtual World before you must first learn some basic skills. Hopefully this online tutorial will bring you into our virtual community in no time.

Step one – creating an InWorldz Account

Click on the InWorldz website  to the website, choose “join now”, choose your avatar and avatar name and you’re ready to go. It’s preferable not to use your real name for privacy reasons.

Step two- downloading viewer software

InWorldz is accessed by software called a “viewer”. This viewer will help you move around the virtual world, travel to all places and make your avatar walk, fly, talk, and even dance if you wish. The viewer also holds your inventory, where your avatar can store and choose objects. It can help you to customize your surroundings, and even give you tools to build things. The software available on the IW website is not recommended at the moment for its being renewed, and we strongly recommend the viewer mentioned below. If you automatically downloaded the IW viewer, please don’t use it for your first login.

The software we recommend is for free and available for all operating systems. Use the next link to download this viewer:  download your viewer  . Choose for SL & Opensim 64bit.  The Firestorm viewer download page will offer you versions for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Step 3 – Log in for the first time

Once you have installed the software, click on its icon to open your viewer log-in screen.

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Please take a good look at the picture above. Below the field where you need to fill in your avatars name, you see an option ” Grid”. Chose InWorldz and the log in screen will show a page similar to this one.  Enter your avatar’s name and password you are ready to explore. When you log in for the first time, your avatar will land on a spot called IDI ( InWorldz desert island) where you may meet other avatars including mentors who are dedicated to help you with your first steps. It’s also very important to read the page ” viewer ” on this website to learn all the commands you’ll need to move along.